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Our commitment

Personal commitment 

In Playa del Carmen, we are committed to helping children and young people who are socially disadvantaged in Mexico. Our goal is to reintegrate young people with motor and mental disabilities into society and improve their quality of life.


To achieve this goal, we work together with a personally selected local organization, which we know and with which we have the certainty that the donation actually reaches the people in need.


Diligent learning pays off twice!

At Viva Idioma you learn Spanish fast and cheap - but the best is yet to come! For every Spanish lesson you book, we donate a portion of our proceeds to the Centro de Atención Integral in Playa del Carmen! By learning Spanish you support children and young people with social disadvantages.

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Centro de Atención Integral


Support for children and teenagers

The "Centro de Atención Integral Playa del Carmen" - is a non-profit organization created to positively change the quality of life of children and adolescents with motor and intellectual disabilities such as cerebral palsy, Down syndrome and developmental delay.


Professional care

Students are supervised by professional teachers who provide various therapies depending on the needs of the children. Teachers make sure to have one-on-one sessions with students to catch up on any small points or activities they missed during regular classes. 


For more information about the donation recipients, feel free to contact us via form or mail.


Music Therapy
Teachers use music and auditory stimulation to create a sensory experience that allows students to develop emotionally, socially, and psycho-physiologically.

Dog therapy
Dog therapy uses animals as a form of treatment. The goal is to improve the social, emotional or cognitive functions of a patient. Experience has shown that dogs have an educational and motivational effect on children and adolescents.

In addition, therapy forms such as water therapy and ergotherapy are used.


Get involved - volunteering

Help & learn Spanish



Support socially disadvantaged children and young people in Playa del Carmen with your donation and enable them to receive therapies, lessons and social integration.

Donate from MXN 99 = USD 5

voluntary work

Achieve as much as possible through targeted activities and sustainably support the children and young people in Playa del Carmen on their way. As a volunteer, you will help out by volunteering at the Centro de Atencion Integral. 


Use your time abroad sensibly and experience Mexican culture and the Spanish language up close. We would like to make this very special life experience possible for you. Are you ready for it?

voluntary work
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