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Homestay in Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen

We have carefully selected our host families for you to give you a unique stay. Your host families will always speak Spanish with you.


The stay with the host family includes two meals a day ; usually breakfast and dinner. The meals are a great opportunity to sit around the kitchen table with your host family and practice Spanish while enjoying traditional Mexican cuisine . Our families are very friendly, open and are used to students.


mexikanisches Essen

Advantages of our host families:


  • friendship for life

  • Mexican culture

  • Our host families are very warm and open

  • You can practice Spanish with your host family.

  • Two meals a day included

  • Traditional mexican food


In your host family you have your own bedroom and in many cases, you have your own bathroom


The families usually live 20 to 30 minutes away from the Viva Idioma language school . The way to school can easily be covered by foot or by public transport.


5th Avenida / Playa del Carmen


The Mexican Caribbean is the perfect place for your language stay. Playa del Carmen is known for its white sandy beaches and crystal clear, turquoise waters.


  • Discover the history of the Mayans and visit Chichen Itza one of the most important ruins on the Yucatan Peninsula.


  • Experience the famous Playa nightlife . With its variety of night clubs and bars, the coastal city turns into a large dance floor at night.


  • Get to know the friendly, open and kind culture of the Mexicans.


  • Enjoy the delicious traditional Mexican cuisine.


Viva Idioma will make out of your Spanish language stay in Playa an unforgettable experience.



Your Spanish experience in Playa del Carmen  

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