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Typing spanish special characters

How to type spanish special characters on windows or mac.

Are you struggling to write in Spanish because of the special characters? We help you to find the characters on the keyboard. Entering the right key combination on your Mac or Windows PC is easy and time-saving.

Spanish special characters WINDOWS USERS

The easiest way to type spanish special characters on your computer is to change the language of your keyboard. Another option is to use cryptic codes. Hold down the ALT key on your keyboard while typing a specific four digit number, then release the ALT key. Below you find the cryptic codes to write the spanish accents:


Á = [Alt] + 0193                                        á = [Alt] + 0225                                

É = [Alt] + 0201                                         é = [Alt] + 0233

Í = [Alt] + 0205                                         Ñ = [Alt] + 0209

í = [Alt] + 0237                                         ñ = [Alt] + 0241

Ó = [Alt] + 0211                                         Ü = [Alt] + 0220

ó = [Alt] + 0243                                       ü = [Alt] + 0252

Ú = [Alt] + 0218

ú = [Alt] + 0250

Punctuation marks:

¡ =  [Alt] + 0161 --> signo de exclamación

¿ = [Alt] + 0191 -->signo de interogación

quotes (las comillas)

« [Alt] + 0171

» [Alt] + 0187

Important to know

1. Enter the numbers on the numeric keypad which is located on the right hand side on the most computers / laptops.

It can be that only one of the ALT combination works on certain computers.


Below you find the instructions how to type spanish special accents on your MAC.

To write a specific letter press the OPTION KEY down and type the letter e;

  1. Press the OPTION KEY

  2. TYPE letter "E"

  3. Release the two keys and type the letter you want that the accent appears on

  • á = OPT + e, afterwards a

  • é = OPT + e, afterwards e

  • í = OPT + e, afterwards i

  • ó = OPT + e, afterwards o

  • ú = OPT + e, afterwards u

To write the special character "tilde" in spanish ñ, press down the Option key while you type the n; release and type n again.

  • ñ = Opt + n, then n

Punctuation marks on MAC / APPLE:

  • ¡ = Opt + 1

  • ¿ Opt + shift + ?

KeyCaps - for MAC OS9 or below

For MAC OS9 users or below there is another way to write accents in spanish. It's called the option key method, when you press the option key a little keyboard appears with the accents in spanish so that you can click them.

How to enable KeyCaps on your MAC

  • Click on the "apple logo symbol"

  • Open KeyCaps --> a keyboard appears on your desktop

  • Press down and hold the option key --> accents will appear

  • For example, to type ó, hold option --> type o.


You now know the key combinations for the special characters, but you don't know how to use them? We would be happy to show you how and when to use them in our Spanish course.


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