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Free and non-binding trial lesson - Learn Spanish with Viva Idioma  

Still unsure whether we are the right ones for you? We would be happy to convince you of the advantages of online language lessons at Viva Idioma.  

You need these 3 things for the Spanish lesson

  1. Working computer / laptop

  2. Working internet connection

  3. Zoom or Skype account


Your personal trial lesson
Expectations & Goals
Your teacher  collects your expectations and defines any goals
with you for upcoming lessons.  Eg al if you are a beginner and only one
Would you like to do a crash course for your next vacation or if you are a
More advanced learners want to prepare for a DELE language test,
weather  have the right course  to you.
To get to know
Your teacher introduces himself and you can get to know each other better. This helps to structure the lessons from the ground up according to your areas of interest.
Knowledge of Spanish
During the trial lesson, your teacher can check your level of Spanish knowledge and skills and then prepare your personal teaching material for further lessons.
Next Steps  
Do you still have questions? Your teacher will be happy to clarify any open questions about teaching at Viva Idioma during the trial lesson.  

kostenlose Probelektion Spanisch

-You will receive a ZOOM invitation

by email from your teacher

-Download ZOOM or

alternatively Skype

-Be 5-10 minutes before the start

the lesson already online

-Join the zoom room using

the link - your teacher leaves

enter you

-Your teacher asks you

whether you are interested in a course

-We are happy to help you with the booking

      We look forward to you!


Day of the trial lesson

After the trial lesson





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