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Visit Cenotes in Playa del Carmen - Unique Experience

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

What is a Cenote?

A beautiful natural wonder that can be admired in many different forms, whether on the surface of the earth or underground on the Yucatan Peninsula, according to the latest data, there are over 6000 cenotes. Cenotes are natural well or sink hole common formed when a limestone surface collapses, exposing water underneath. For the mayans it was the major source of water since there were no rivers or lakes. In former times precious objects, such as gold, jade, copper, and incense and also human beings, usually children, were thrown into the cenotes as offerings. A survivor was believed to bring a message from the gods about the year’s crops.

Nowadays you can go swimming in many of the cenotes for an entrance fee between 100-350 Mexican Pesos.

How can you get there?

From Playa del Carmen you can reach several cenotes by taking a little bus "collectivo" which cost you around 30-50MXN around 2 USD. We recommend to take the ones which are heading to Tulum so you can easily hopp on and off at different cenotes. For example Cenote Azul, Kantunchi, Cenote Cristallino.

Learning Spanish & Discovering México

We offer you the unforgettable experience of learning the beautiful spanish language at the Viva Idioma, Spanish School. We recommend you to take classes in the morning and go discovering the town, beaches, ruins and cenotes in the afternoon with friends.

Discover México today and enjoy the cultural richness and the mexican vibes.

Photo: Cenote Ik Kil, Yucatan


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